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Plaintiff Personal Injury

Pre-suit Investigation, Claim Negotiation, Litigation

If you've been injured, you may have a claim against someone else. Let us explore your civil remedies. 

As a former insurance defense attorney for a Fortune 100 company, Ben knows the pressure points of insurance carriers.


Ben has extensive experience in personal injury including:


There are also several other cases that do not fit neatly into categories but are also compensable. For a free case evaluation, contact us today. 


Conflicts happen. Whether your company finds itself on the receiving end of a legal demand or whether you'd like to explore your options to business break-ups, we can discuss the best path moving forward.

Eid Law has experience resolving construction defect claims, negotiating contracts, and finding solutions for companies.

Business Disputes, Civil Defense, Discovery and Mediation


A conservatorship is a protective proceeding initiated in the Probate Division of a local Superior Court to protect, or "conserve,” the funds and other assets of an incapacitated adult or a minor and to ensure that a person's financial obligations are being met. 

During the conservatorship proceedings, a Conservator will be appointed by the Court to manage, protect, and conserve the assets of the protected persons. Upon accepting the appointment, the Conservator is subject to fiduciary duties and responsibilities. The breach of these duties can lead to severe civil penalties.

Petitions, Appointments, and Litigation

Arbitration and Trial

When parties cannot agree on a particular resolution, and mediation has failed, the mechanism to resolve disputes is through arbitration and trial. 

Eid Law has significant experience with arbitrations and trials and has brought dozens of matters to conclusion in this manner.

Compulsory, Contractual, and AAA Arbitration 

Jury and Bench Trials

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